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When moving business premises in the autumn of 2005, we were wrongly advised by British Telecommunications that we were not able to retain our long established telephone number as we were moving to a premises covered by a different telephone exchange. After holding the telephone number on an answering service for several years, we now assumed that our customer base would now be fully aware of our new contact details and due to the spiralling cost imposed by British Telecommunications for the answering service we decided to let the number go.


​That was a big mistake! Within 7 days of our decision British Telecommunications had re issued our telephone number to a "service call centre" This call centre are now taking business enquiries and service call outs that were from customers and would be customers of Solihull Security Services and are now redirecting them to a security business based in Wembley, Middlesex!!

Over the years since releasing the number we have had numerous telephone calls from existing customers and potential new customers informing us that when mistakenly dialling our old telephone number with the intention of contacting us, this rival business (trading as Prosec Security) are attending "call outs" and quotation enquiries and leading these customers to believe that they have taken over and are now the owners of Solihull Security Services, and on many occasions are charging far more for the service provided than should be charged. This false statement by Prosec Security is of course a complete fabrication.  

Although we have complained vigorously to British Telecommunications requesting to know, firstly why we were not allowed to move the telephone number 3 miles, but the 0121 number can be issued to a business based in London, and secondly why a business telephone number from a business that is established and continuing to trade was re-issued so quickly to a competitive organisation. British Telecommunications have failed to show any interest in supplying us with answers to these questions.

In summary, we would like our valued customers old and new to be fully aware that Solihull Security Services have always been and always will be a totally independent organisation and have never had any association with "Prosec Security" or any other security installation business.


Michael Elwell




Solihull Security Services​
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West Midlands

B91 2AX

​T: 0121-705-5010


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